Aesthetic Restoration

What is aesthetic restoration?

Dental aesthetics is perceived as beauty, an ideal form, parallelism, and impeccable colour of teeth. Nowadays, there exist numerous means to restore the perfect shape, colour and position of teeth in a dental bow, for example, using metal-free ceramics, laminates, implant and brace systems.

Aesthetic treatment is a method of least intervention, yet preserving most of the natural dental tissues; teeth remain vital, with natural shape restored, defects corrected, tiniest details and desired transparency recreated. A special filling material used for aesthetic treatment procedures is nearly identical to natural teeth in terms of wear, colour, and other physical characteristics, and its seamless adhesion to dental surfaces all help bring back the natural beauty of teeth. In case of a broken tooth, for instance, its missing part is recreated in the original form and colour, which makes the whole restored tooth look natural, leaving no trace of dental treatment.

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Dental aesthetics is gradually becoming an integral part of everyday life. If you are not satisfied with the shape, position or colour of your teeth, aesthetic restoration, which, amongst other things, is also the fastest way of achieving the desired result, might be the right choice for you.

Aesthetic restoration covers everything from single fillings to levelling out the entire row of teeth. For example, when teeth are crammed together, the entire row is levelled out by closing gaps between individual teeth, tilting and turning them, and replacing absent dental tissues with fillings that match the colour and transparency of natural healthy teeth.

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Four to six teeth are treated during one visit to our clinic – therefore, the results are visible right away!

Prior to commencing any aesthetic restoration procedures, it is highly recommended to first discuss the best options available for you with one of our specialists, who will perform the initial check up, assessing your dental condition and state of oral hygiene, and, respectively, suggest a tailored treatment plan.

Aesthetic restoration technique is applied not only in order to improve the appearance of teeth, but also to restore their original form and function so that patients can continue enjoying their favourite foods without disruption of natural eating habits.

Aesthetic treatment will cure and protect your teeth, and your smile will be… irresistible!