Endodontic treatment using microscope.

Endodontics involves the science about tooth „interior“ and root canal treatment. Endodontic treatment is necessary in order to destroy microorganisms from the root canal system and to avoid infection from the tooth itself as well as from it's surrounding tissues. For this reason root canal has to be cleaned and tightly filled. Our clinic proceeds root canal treatment by using modern treatment solutions and materials.

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Most often microscope is used  when accomplishing tooth canal treatment, as some procedures aren't impossible to perform in high quality without view increasing devices. Narrow canal entries, additional canals, tooth root brakes, calcified canals which appear because of age or injuries, longitudinal breaks, etc. can be discovered with the help of microscope.

If canals are not treated bacteria gets into surrounding tissues through the top of the root and causes ignition. Over time jaw bone around the infected tooth starts melting, the fireplace is forming. All this can cause more serious complications.

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When endodontic treatment with the help of microscope is applied, perforations can be diagnosed and treated professionally, broken instruments in canal can be removed, old fillings can be also  removed by using special ultrasound instruments during the canal retreatment.

endodontija 3
Ignition before treatment

endodontija 4
8 months after treatment

We would like to note patients that canal treatment helps to survive natural tooth. Successfully treated tooth mostly exists hereafter, while improving methods of endodontic treatment also help   to reduce number of teeth extractions. Mostly all teeth can be treated, just very rarely tooth canals are impenetrable. Consequently before extracting tooth we insistently recommend you to consult endodontist in our clinic.