What knowledge you should get about dental implants in order to sit into the dentist chair and entrust doctor your smile without worry?

Human body is complicated mechanism, which has to be constantly and properly maintained. Beautiful and properly repaired teeth have big significance to individual appearance and life quality.

Currently market offers a lot of dental implants, however we suggest you to use products of the leading producers in this field. Such producers have longlasting experience in generating and scientific research and their implants are qualitatively prepared, i.e. surface is unique, it's made from pure titanium; all of this can't be acknowledged the cheap and little known implants, which exist in the market.

Our dentists use mostly scientifically substantiated and reliable „Straumann“ implant system, which is generated in Switzerland. When applying this system it's easy to accomplish surgical operations (or procedures), use different methods of prosthetics, which allow creatively solve even the most complicated cases. Besides, these implants particularly meet expectations when supplementary bone is required. It's determined that special implant surface ensures full and fast healing almost 100 percent.


Strauman danties implantacija 300x118

SLActive surface, patented by „Straumann“ is one of the latest achievements while accomplishing possibilities of implant surface. Dental implants, which have such kind of surface guarantee bigger safety and faster bone restoration. Healing period from 6 up to 8 weeks decreases up to 3-4 weeks, and prosthetics of the constant tooth can be proceeded in sixth week already. More than 60 percent of bone tissue forms on the SLActive surface, and these results are the best in implant market.

Also „Straumann“ company developed and patented new material named „Roxolid“. It's a new implant made from alloys of zirconium and titanium. It's even 50 percent more solid than usual titanium implant, which highly increases possibility of fast healing, also reduces risk of rejection and ensures that yielding tissues would augment better to the implant.

During already the first visit at our dentist he will answer you all concerning questions, advice and set up treatment plan, breakdown it in stages, comprehensively base prices, treatment duration and etc.

Rentgeno nuotraukoje matosi 21 danties
X-ray photo shows broken root at 21st tooth

Pašalintas dantis žaizda susiūta
Tooth extracted, lesion sutured

„Straumann“ Bone level SLActive implantas
„Straumann“ Bone level SLActive implant

Formuojamos dantenos su gijimo galvute
Forming tissues with healing head

Laikinas vainikėlis
Moulded crown

Dantenos prieš galutinį protezavimą
Tissues before final prosthetics

Baigus darbą 
After work is finished

Nuotrauka su „Straumann“ implantu
Photo with „Straumann“ implant