Therapeutic Treatment

Dental Treatment

Dental treatment is a set of preventive procedures carried out in order to restore the hard tissues of teeth affected by caries. It is commonly known as dental filling.

Caries (tooth decay) is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. It develops due to several factors, including reduced levels of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, in the tooth enamel. In turn, mineral deficiency may lead to enamel cracks and dental cavities.

Caries can cause dental pain and/or make teeth more sensitive to cold, hot, sweet, and sour products. It can also affect the functions of salivation and the production of gastric juice, resulting in gastric digestion.


During the filling procedure, the correct anatomic shape of the tooth is created and its masticatory ability is restored. Using long-lasting materials and selecting the filling that closely mimics natural tooth colour helps achieve not only a functional, but also an aesthetic result. Moreover, this non-surgical method of dental treatment allows preserving the vitality of the tooth nerve as well as escaping the risk of its injury and consequent complications.

For comprehensive diagnostics, we use a digital dental X-ray machine, which helps us to detect the signs of caries even in hardly visible places, especially interdental contact points. Any required dental treatment, including the replacement of old/defective fillings or crowns and chipped tooth repair, is performed under local anaesthesia.

At our clinic, we use certified top-quality materials and the latest dental treatment technologies.